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Smart pillow improves sleep

Moona's unique cooling smart pillow promises to improve your sleep.

The San Francisco-based company have developed a smart sleep system that can auto-regulate the temperature of the pillow by connecting to a smartphone.

Writing on their Kickstarter page, they shared: "Ever wondered why you flip your pillow to the cool side when you cannot sleep? Because temperature is key to good sleep! Moona is a patent-pending smart sleep system that induces and deepens sleep, by smartly adjusting your head and neck temperature throughout the night. It will also help you wake up naturally, and be ready for the day!

"Our body needs different temperatures at different moments in the night. Moona understands your sleeping pattern and regulates the temperature of your head and neck to help you get the best sleep. Moona is a water-based system which brings cooling and heating to your head in a smooth and natural way, guaranteeing the best sleep experience. The product is composed of four key elements."

The smart system keeps the pillow cool throughout the night using a water system and then will warm up when it is time to wake up.

They added: "When it is time for you to sleep, Moona will start gently cooling down your pillow. Decreasing body temperature will naturally help initiate sleep. Moona will adapt the temperature under your head throughout the night and allow your body to stay cool. You will wake up less during the night and your sleep will be deeper.

"Thanks to our app, you can set your wake-up time and your pillow will start warming up gently when you need to wake up. This sends signals to your body and allows you to feel perfectly rested and refreshed as soon as you open your eyes. Temperature is one of the key elements telling your internal body clock when to go to sleep and stay asleep. Features in the app will help you fight jetlag and get more zzz's during your nap."

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