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Unicorn-shaped headgear helps autism suffers

A Dutch designer has created a piece of unicorn-shaped headgear that helps children with autism learn about their condition.

Anouk Wipprecht developed the headset that starts recording automatically when a person's focus reaches a certain height and she believes it will help people with autism, dementia or depression.

She explained: "I uses the playful aspect of the unicorn to make the younger wearers feel more comfortable. This allows me to collect genuine data, only achievable when the kids are themselves, outside from a medical setting.

"A technology that can listen to the body can predict diseases and reduce anxiousness, but I also look at how it can be fun and expressive. I'm interested in non-verbal communication, fashion triggers imagination and can help people with autism, dementia or depression."

And Wipprecht is keen to continue creating garments that can improve "wellness and health".

She added: "I want to design garments that help people with the use of technology, instead of overwhelming them. In the future I'd like to continue working in wellness and health, to make an impact, something very practical. Like the project I did with Viktoria Modesta. She turned disability into a cool thing, instead of being ashamed of it or hiding it. She became a model for the amputee community and gave other people empowerment."

Wipprecht wants to continue merging fashion and technology to create wonderful unique pieces.

She told "I try to envision how technology can move away from being the overwhelming force it is today so it can help us again. My designs ask: when and if technology is living on the body, what does it do? And how can it be interesting? Does technology still help us?

"How can it be an interface and express something? How can it help us doing things we cannot do ourselves, like defend, showcase things and create connectivity? That is my interest, to find the extra capability fashion can give to the body, in order to enhance communication."

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