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Mabu robot is a best friend as well as nurse

A health company have developed a robot that is a best friend as well as a nurse to elderly patients.

Catalia Health created Mabu, a robot which learns about the person they are caring for in order to provide a better more tailored service.

Writing on their website, they shared: "Our platform learns about each patient's personality, interests, and treatment challenges over time. This enables Mabu to create conversations that are tailored to each patient and that resonate with their unique personality and circumstances. The structure of these conversations are based on proven behavioral models of psychology to promote behavior change.

"Unlike apps that are usually used for only a short period of time, patients continue to use the Mabu personal healthcare companion. This allows Mabu to have conversations with patients every day to manage their treatment and gather data about their progress."

Mabu is also able to relay data collected via a cloud service and to the doctor that is responsible for the treatment of the patient.

They added: "In addition to building up a model of the patient's personality and unique treatment circumstances, the Catalia Health Platform is cloud-based, and can provide you with real-time data about each patient. We work with our customers to understand what the most crucial pieces of data are to improve patient treatments and outcomes. Questions that gather this data are then woven into conversations. We can gather data from the dosing and timing of medication (everyday!) to difficult to obtain data about daily activities or nutrition and how these effect a patient's treatment or ultimate health outcome."

The robot was called Mabu as the Japanese word for best friend is mabudachi.

They shared: "We fell in love with the name Mabu - in Japanese mabudachi means best friend and mabataki means blink. We feel Mabu's ability to blink makes her more human for you to relate with as you build your relationship with her - maybe not your best friend, but a good north star for us!"

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