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Otohiko fork plays music to hide noodle slurping

A Japanese company has created a fork that plays music to hide the sound of "noodle slurping".

Nissin have unveiled their plans to release the Otohiko, which has been created to make noodle lovers feel less self-conscious about enjoying their favourite food.

You need a smartphone to make the fork work. Once the app is downloaded, you can enjoy all the noodles you want and the app will detect when you start slurping away before playing a tune to mask the noise and stop you from annoying your fellow diners.

The fork is "lightweight and compact" enough to let you carry it around with you so you can eat noodles on the go.

It has a "high-performance sound collecting microphone" mounted on the fork, which is able to sense even the faintest noodle slurping sounds. It then sends a signal to the dedicated smartphone application using short-distance wireless communication technology, which triggers music to play directly from the phone.

The app even lets you record how many times you sip your noodles during the meal and stores the elapsed time as a "noodle log", allowing it to automatically play a sound according to how you enjoy your noodles.

Sound producer Shinya Kiyokawa helped to produce and supervise the camouflaging sound.

The Otohiko fork will cost 14,800 Japanese Yen (approximately £98) and will only be put into production if they receive 5000 orders by mid December 2017.

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