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WhatsApp lets you delete messages for everyone

WhatsApp's new feature lets you delete messages for everyone even after you've sent them.

The instant messaging app's most recent update has included a new bit of software that allows you up to seven minutes to delete a message you've sent to an individual or a group without it being seen.

Explaining how it works, they wrote on their website: "Deleting messages for everyone allows you to delete specific messages you have sent to either a group or an individual chat. This is particularly useful if you sent a message to the wrong chat or if the message you sent contains a mistake.

"Messages you successfully delete for everyone will be replaced with 'This message was deleted' in your recipients' chats. Similarly, if you see 'This message was deleted' in a chat, it means that the sender deleted their message for everyone. You can only delete messages for everyone for up to seven minutes after sending. Once seven minutes have passed, there is no way to delete messages for everyone."

However, for it to work, yourself and the people who are receiving the message must have the new update installed and it will not work if the message has already been read by that person.

They added: "In order for messages to be successfully deleted for everyone, both you and your recipient must be using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone.

"If you or your recipient are not using the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone, this feature will not be supported. Recipients may see your message before it's deleted or if deletion was not successful. You will not be notified if deleting for everyone was not successful."

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