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The Scanmarker takes notes for you

The Scanmarker takes notes for you without you having to pick up a pen.

Described as a "digital highlighter", this handy tool scans notes straight from the book to a smartphone or tablet of your choice.

Writing about the product on their website, they shared: "A revolutionary patented image processing technology is the magic behind Scanmarker. Unlike other products, Scanmarker does not use costly, complicated mechanical components such as wheels and tooth-wheels to measure scanning speed. Instead, the printed text is scanned and captured as a raw image - and processed to a high quality image, ready for recognition by the OCR software.

"The digitally formatted text is then instantly transferred into any application on your computer or our intuitive mobile apps ready for easy editing and sharing. All these stages occur within a fraction of a second. Scanmarker scans directly into the computer application or web browser of your choice, facilitating effortless retyping and sharing - whether you are using Word documents, Excel, Gmail, Facebook or any other application, the text appears directly where you would like it. Wherever you use your keyboard to type - Scanmarker instantly types it for you."

It also has a text-to-speech function, where it will read the text back as it is scanned.

They added: "A great memorising tool and gives you a clearer understanding and comprehension of the scanned material. This feature has opened up an exciting door of opportunity to enhance the learning process and promote independence for those with dyslexia and other learning disabilities. Scanmarker is an effective tool used in the Special Education sector to help every student achieve academic success."

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