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Toyota's autonomous cars tested on obstacle courses

Toyota's self-driving cars are being put to the test on obstacle courses.

The vehicles are being put through their paces at the GoMentum Station in Concord, California as they work on developing the technology for the vehicles to make them safer when they eventually hit the real roads.

Ryan Eustice, TRI vice president of autonomous driving, said: "The addition of GoMentum Station to TRI's arsenal of automated vehicle test locations allows us to create hazardous driving scenarios for advancing capabilities of both Guardian and Chauffeur and further develop our technology."

Whilst Randy Iwasaki, Executive Director of the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, added: "The benefits of driverless technology are many, but the most important one is increased safety. TRI's work in the artificial intelligence arena is vital to advancing autonomous vehicle technology.

"The statistics are clear: lives will be saved by reducing a vehicle's reliance on human drivers, and we are excited to see the progress TRI will make to perfect driverless and driver-aided technology at GoMentum Station."

The GoMentum Station creates extreme events, which would be unsafe to test on a normal road, in a bid to make the vehicles be able to deal with these situations better. The Station has different terrains as well as lifelike roads, bridges, tunnels, intersections and parking lots so that the vehicles can be tested in a similar environment to what they will be faced with out in the world.

Laura Hoffmeister, mayor of the city of Concord, shared: "The city of Concord is very excited to welcome Toyota Research Institute and its autonomous technology to GoMentum Station. The city continues to serve the region as an autonomous technology hub, and we believe this partnership will continue to support economic growth and spur excitement for high-tech jobs in our community."

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