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Ocado's warehouse robots

Ocado's new robots speed up their delivery service.

The online supermarket have installed 1000 robots at their warehouse to help them select their customer's products quicker before delivering them to a person to pack them and load them onto the van for delivery.

Speaking about being inspired by Amazon's Whole Foods takeover, Chief Technology Officer Paul Clarke told Bloomberg: "It definitely increased the sense of urgency in the discussions with prospective customers.

"It's underscored for them that this world is changing and that they need to move online as quickly as they can. They're interested in having some of that business without taking 17 years to innovate themselves."

The warehouse is divided into three sections - one for frozen foods, one for ambient temperature goods and one for the chilled ones. The robots move above the goods on grids set on the ceiling and they will lower their hook down to the crates below to find each item they need. At the moment, the robot will only work in the chilled and ambient temperature areas but Ocado are working hard to make the robots resistant to cooler temperatures too.

Moving at nine miles an hour, these robots get the job done far speedier than a person ever could.

However, Ocado want to continue providing jobs to locals and currently employ around 200 people, who do the things the machines can't such as pick the frozen foods and pack all the foods. They are also responsible for loading and unloading the trucks too.

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