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HiMirror is your personal beauty consultant

HiMirror is your personal beauty consultant

The HiMirror acts like your own personal beauty consultant.

Inventors have unveiled this brand new device, which tracks your skincare and fitness as well as the products you have in your cosmetics bag tells you when it's best to use them.

They shared on their website: "Now imagine having your own personal beauty consultant: A system developed to assess your skin's condition, make the best use of your existing skincare products, supplemented with reviews by those with the same skincare concerns as yourself. Moreover, it can also advise you on how to achieve your goals in fitness and weight!

"We envisioned just that; and after 3 years of intensive research and development, we are happy to introduce HiMirror. We invite you to start a new journey - one with no guesswork and expensive mistakes - towards achieving your full beauty potential.

"Here at HiMirror we believe that skincare choices should be guided by experience and scientific analysis rather than promises from advertisements. HiMirror provides tips and recommendations on products that have worked for people with your skin type in environments similar to yours, based on data gathered via our anonymous cloud-based Big Data system."

And the creators behind the HiMirror plan to develop their product to eventually include fashion too.

They added: "We've consulted with top dermatologists and fitness experts to bring you the best skin and fitness analysis and advice. We help you keep track of skincare and fitness regimes that work best for you with our monthly analysis system.

"HiMirror even keeps track of all the products in your inventory, reminding you about that intensive eye serum or special cream when your skin needs a bit of extra TLC.

"HiMirror is like your very own private 24-7 beauty consultant, providing beauty, health and fitness tips, plus helpful videos and articles. In the future, we plan to expand into the fashion world, providing information on the latest fashion trends, how to tailor them to fit your body type and more."

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