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Urban Umbrella want to improve scaffolding

The Urban Umbrella wants to change how people see scaffolding.

The team behind the brand have developed a new structure to replace the sometimes ugly scaffolding that covers the streets.

Writing on their website, they shared: "An elegant and breakthrough new sidewalk shed, Urban Umbrella is designed to protect urban sidewalks from falling construction debris. Made of high-strength recycled steel and translucent plastic panels, the structure resembles a gracefully unfurling Umbrella. With arching struts sweeping the structure upwards, the Umbrella is modern and harmonious.

"Each Urban Umbrella is unique. Why? Because each structure is custom tailored to your building's width, length, sidewalk pitch and facade projections. Our architects meticulously plan and detail your design. Urban Umbrella rises up at storefront entrances and stretches across driveways. This intimate connection to the building ensures that final structure is richly refined. Urban Umbrella is truly a perfect fit."

Urban Umbrella can also customise the scaffolding with lots of colour or different brands.

They added: "Whether it's a sleek bright color or elegantly clear, there's an Urban Umbrella that fits your definition of style. Our panels come in all the colors and are tailored to your personal style or brand identity. All panels are made of superior materials and fabricated in a New York-based polymer manufacturing facility of the highest quality. Signage and branding value is unmatchable."

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