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Japanese company want to put adverts on the moon

A Japanese space company have secured $90 million to put the first adverts on the moon.

The team at ispace plan to put a spacecraft into the orbit of the moon in the next two years. When it touches down, there will be a chance for investors to have a small advert projected onto it with the earth as a backdrop.

Takeshi Hakamada, chief executive officer of ispace, said at a press event in Tokyo: "Human beings aren't heading to the stars to become poor. That's why it's crucial to create an economy in outer space ... With this funding, ispace will begin the development of lunar lander to establish a flexible and regular lunar transportation system, and lead the exploration and development of lunar surface through micro-robotic systems."

ispace are committed to finding water on the Moon to help "support human life and make sustainability a reality".

Writing about the company on their website, they shared: "At ispace, we've turned our attention to the Moon. By taking advantage of lunar water resources, we can develop the space infrastructure needed to enrich our daily lives on earth - as well as expand our living sphere into space. Also, by making the Earth and Moon one system, a new economy with space infrastructure at its core will support human life, making sustainability a reality. This result is our ultimate goal, and our search for water on the Moon is the first step to achieving that goal.

"At ispace, we're enthusiastic about our systematic thinking and bringing different disciplines together to form a more comprehensive perspective on the industry while optimising methods ... We invite you to contribute in developing a sustainable world by making the Earth and Moon one ecosystem that brings abundance to our lives."

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