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Fibre-optic cables to be laid on motorways to send live traffic news

Fibre-optic cables could soon be sending live traffic news to cars as Highways England revealed plans for smart motorways.

The British organisation are considering plans to have special cables laid that would help improve journey times by sending live traffic details straight to the drivers.

They shared in the report: "We want to build on the commitments in the first Road Investment Strategy to develop a smart motorway spine to our network, connecting our nation's largest cities. Smart motorways increase capacity, support economic connectivity, improve journey times, and offer reduced environmental impacts to traditional road widening.

"We would seek to invest to retrofit our older smart motorways, where appropriate, to the latest standards, adding capacity and making them easier to use. We also need to continue to build confidence among drivers on smart motorways through improved signage, high-visibility emergency areas, and awareness campaigns."

And Highways England has promised "rapidly changing technologies and innovation" to keep up with the influx of connected and autonomous vehicles.

They added: "We recognise that our network is operating in

a world of rapidly changing technologies and innovation. We want to work with government, the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV), and key stakeholders to ensure that we can support the use of electric vehicles on our network. We believe there should be even greater provision of charging facilities in the next road period, and we will need to work with government to understand the nature of the role we should play in this area over the forthcoming years.

"We also want to investigate and plan how we operate the roads as CAVs become a larger part of the fleet. We want to learn from road trials and pilots of new innovative solutions around CAVs that will help prepare our network for future technologies, including collaborating more closely with car manufacturers, developers, and other providers. We will work with government to support their interest in providing 5G network connectivity on motorways."

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