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Switchblade car flies too

This revolutionary flying car wants to take you from your door to your destination by road or air.

The Switchblade - developed by Samson Motors - will be able to travel on both roads and also in the sky, allowing you to experience a more seamless journey.

Giving an update in a blog post, they shared: "We recently received our second tail boom from the experts at Phoenix Composite Solutions in Michigan. The two tail booms are shown below, side by side. They are identical, and one will be tested to certified aircraft standards, and then tested further until something in the boom fails (breaks). We wanted to test the boom beyond certified standards so that we know when, how, and where it will break when pushed beyond its limits. If there are no changes needed, we will use the second tail boom in the Pre-Production Prototype for flight testing.

"The Switchblade tail boom is over 6 feet long and it slides into the opening at the top of the cabin fire wall - the wall at the back of the cabin. The booms are shown here, with the top side resting on the table, bottom side up. The little vertical pieces sticking up from the boom at the far left of this photo are for attaching small, fixed vertical stabilisers - which help keep the vehicle flying straight."

They have opted for lightweight aluminum wheels, perfect for both functions.

They added: "The wheels we have chosen are nice, light weight aluminum wheels from Drag Wheels in Sacramento, California. Working with Drag Wheels has been very easy and fun, and we are expanding the range of wheel choices available to Switchblade owners.

"Each item in a flying vehicle is weight critical, so you can't just bolt on any wheel choice. Items need to remain within a weight range so that you know that you are not making the Switchblade too heavy to fly safely when you change such things as wheels and tires. We have been doing the work for you, so that when time comes to outfit your vehicle with tires and wheels, you will know what your options are."

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