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Snapchat's new Lens Studio

Snapchat's new Lens Studio lets you create, publish and share augmented reality experiences.

The social media giant has unveiled the software that lets you "build and launch immersive lenses".

Explaining how it works on their website, they shared: "Lens Studio is a real-time tool for creating Snapchat Lenses. The tool allows creators, from 3D professionals to Photoshop hobbyists, to create their own customized Lens experience. Lens Studio includes a number of Templates to help you get started making Snapchat Lenses.

"Lens Studio is made up of a group of modular panels. Any panel can be moved and scaled to better suit your needs ... Visualize your Lens scene in 3D space. The Scene is where you're able to manipulate the position, scale and rotation of 3D objects. Additionally, by pressing the Screen Mode button, you're able to toggle to the 2D Scene where you can visualize the Billboard and Post Effect objects ... Lists all objects that make up your current scene. Objects can be parented to one another through a simple drag and drop."

The software has a number of handy functions including editing parameters and also has a real-time preview.

They added: "Edit any parameters on any selected object. Additionally, you're able to add components to the selected object. Components are functional building blocks for the objects you create ... Import new assets into your project and manage existing assets.

"Presents your Lens experience running in real-time. Lens Studio comes with a series of preview videos which include tracking data. With these videos, you'll be able to preview what your Lens would look like in the world."

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