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Underwear controls smart home

SKIIN have developed underwear that can control your smart home.

The Canadian company are working on clever devices that fit into underwear and can sense when you're stressed and play a calming playlist on Spotify or adjust the lights to suit your mood.

They shared on the website: "By simply wearing SKIIN, your Nest thermostat will adjust to your temperature, your Philips Hue lights will change according to your mood, your smart lock will unlock according to your unique biometric signature, a calming Spotify playlist will come on when you're stressed. These are just a few of the ways that SKIIN can interact with the devices that you already have in your home."

The wearable tracker, which fits into a little pocket on the band of the underwear is able to test heart rate, breathing rate, hydration, posture and more.

They added: "SKIIN brings the technology of a sleep lab to your everyday life. Understand how your body changes during the sleep stages throughout the night. SKIIN can give you actionable feedback to help optimize your sleep, and help you wake up feeling refreshed ... Using a combination of sensors, SKIIN can identify whether you are stressed, focused or calm. Gain insights to optimise your day, increase productivity and practise techniques to improve your mental health ...

"These sensors, one at each hip, monitor the unique electrical impulses produced by our cardiovascular system. These impulses contain a significant amount of critical information about our health, physical state, and even mental state. SKIIN uses these sensors along with machine learning to understand and analyze metrics like heart-rate, stress levels and sleep stages ... SKIIN's breathing sensors monitor each breath and measure metrics such as breathing rate, deep breaths and shallow breaths. This sensor also helps with other metrics such as sleep analysis, stress analysis, and activity analysis."

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