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UK's gig economy faces an overhaul

The so-called gig economy is facing a crackdown in the UK.

People working in the sector have been promised an overhaul by the government, which wants to improve employment rights for millions of workers in the country.

According to Greg Clark, the Business Secretary, the government's plans would "address very clearly" the rights of those whose working life is currently insecure.

Speaking to the BBC, he shared: "We will be enforcing the rights that people have and are entitled to."

The announcement has come in response to 2017's Taylor Review into working practices.

And Clark has claimed that the government's new approach will ensure that the UK becomes one of the first places in the world to acknowledge the changing employment landscape.

He said: "We want to embrace new ways of working, and to do so we will be one of the first countries to prepare our employment rules to reflect the new challenges."

The expression gig economy has tended to focus on a number of tech-led firms over recent months, with the likes of Uber and Deliveroo being cited as some of the best known examples.

But the government has promised that a number of changes are on the way, including sick pay entitlements, the right to demand a payslip and more stable contracts for flexible workers.

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