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AI program beats the Atari video game Q*bert

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) program has managed to beat the Atari video game Q*bert.

The program, which has been developed by researchers in Germany, managed to exploit a loophole that had never previously been discovered to score a huge number of points.

No human is believed to have ever discovered to loophole before.

As part of their work on so-called evolutionary algorithms, the research trio of Patryk Chrabaszcz, Ilya Loshchilov and Frank Hutter from the University of Freiburg trialled a number of basic AI programs on classic Atari video games.

Their trial and error approach is a marked deviation from the more widely used method, which is known as deep reinforcement learning.

The more traditional research approach acts in the same way as biological neural networks, thereby allowing them to learn for themselves.

The research comes shortly after British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that she wants the UK to lead the world in AI technology.

The Conservative Party Leader revealed she wants the country to become an example in regards to the safe and ethical deployment of AI technology.

May observed that AI technology poses one of the "greatest tests of leadership for our time".

But, she added: "It is a test that I am confident we can meet.

"For right across the long sweep of history from the invention of electricity to advent of factory production, time and again initially disquieting innovations have delivered previously unthinkable advances and we have found the way to make those changes work for all our people."

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