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Google announces Gmail changes

Google is revamping its Gmail service.

The technology firm is determined to tighten the rules surrounding its email service, as it moves towards introducing tougher data privacy regulations.

As part of the changes, users will be able to make their messages inaccessible after a set time, while they will also be able to stop recipients from being able to forward or print their messages.

Chris Green, who works for the tech consultancy Lewis, admitted that the impending changes to the Gmail service are "long overdue".

He said, according to the BBC: "This isn't unique. Other platforms, like Microsoft Exchange, let you use plug-ins to do something similar.

"But none of the cloud-based mail services have offered these data protection features until now, so they are quite distinctive in that respect."

In March, meanwhile, Google announced changes to its app for iOS.

The search engine giant revealed it is letting users discover and share information more fluidly across iMessage and the Google App itself.

To this end, Google now supports a new iMessage extension that will allow users to search for and share things like videos, businesses and more when messaging each other.

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