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iPhone X to be phased out this year?

The iPhone X could be set to be removed from shelves this year.

The latest phone to be released by Apple turned heads when it launched last autumn, as the first phone to use facial recognition to unlock, and getting rid of the staple "home button" at the bottom of the phone which has been included in all other versions of the Apple product.

However, new reports have suggested the innovative new phone could be set for a short shelf life.

According to Gizmodo, the iPhone X - which was released as a homage to the very first iPhone, which was released a decade before it in 2007 - was said to be created in order "to reveal a product that will set the path for technology for next decade", and so Apple are reportedly planning on getting rid of the model in order to bring out a newer version.

Gizmodo refers to the phone as a "showcase", and suggests that the model was intended to be a limited edition tribute to the first 10 years of iPhones, and so it shouldn't be surprising that the phone may vanish from shelves this year.

The possible phasing out of the iPhone X comes after it was recently revealed that "in-screen fingerprint" scanning could be set to reach 100 million handsets by 2019.

Financial services firm IHS Markit made the claim in a new report, which stated that placing the fingerprint sensor under the display will "allow phones to have full-screen displays with an invisible fingerprint feature".

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