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VR program recreates grizzly bear attack

A new virtual reality program recreates a terrifying grizzly bear attack to help train users how to survive.

VR Safety Training Solutions in British Columbia have developed the training program recreating the scenario of being charged at by a 270kilo bear.

Users are given a virtual reality headset and a controller which represents bear repelling spray.

The program replicates a stroll through scenic woodland, complete with sound effects, only for the idyllic scenario to become a matter of life and death when the player is spotted by a bear who comes charging towards them at a terrifying speed. Players must use the spray before it is too late.

And CEO Kelly O'Neil admits the aim of the program is to scare.

She told CBC news: "That's part of our goal, was that people would get that feeling [of fear].

"If you're able to practice when you know what could happen and you have in your mind what could happen and what you need to do, then you're going to be better prepared [in real life]."

Chief Technical Officer Pete McKeen claims no amount of reading of class training can prepare you for the reality of a bear attack.

Recalling his own encounter with a grizzly bear, he revealed he spotted the animal about 300 metres from him.

McKeen said: "He saw me and he just came, and there was no stopping him. It's hard to really explain what goes through your head when that happens."

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