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US judge approves use of E-voting

A US judge has approved the use of electronic voting machines - even though she is "gravely concerned" they could be hacked.

District Judge Amy Totenberg of Georgia has pointed out that there simply wasn't a sufficient amount of time before November's mid-term elections to migrate to exclusively paper-based voting.

She explained: "The court is gravely concerned about the state's pace in responding to the serious vulnerabilities of its voting system - which were raised as early as 2016 - while ageing software arrangements, hardware and other deficiencies were evident still earlier."

In May last year, a lawsuit was filed against Georgia's Secretary of State over the Direct-Recording Electronic voting machines.

But with the mid-terms set to take place in November, Judge Totenberg observed that moving to a paper-based voting system at this point in time could "just as readily jeopardise the upcoming elections, voter turnout and the orderly administration of the election".

Later, she added: "The state's posture in this litigation - and some of the testimony and evidence presented - indicated that the defendants and state election officials had buried their heads in the sand."

In the US, as many as 14 states use machines to record votes, but no paper record is made in the process.

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