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Facebook changes approach towards 'dark ads'

Facebook is to block political groups in Britain from posting "dark ads" on its network.

The social networking platform is hoping to restore faith in its brand following the controversy of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, announcing that political advertisers will now be required to prove their identity.

Due to the latest changes, all paid-for political content will be posted in a public advertising library.

Facebook executives Richard Allan and Rob Leathern explained in a blog post: "We see this as an important part of ensuring electoral integrity and helping people understand who they are engaging with.

"We recognise that this is going to be a significant change for people who use our service to publish this type of ad. While the vast majority of ads on Facebook are run by legitimate organisations, we know that there are bad actors that try to misuse our platform. By having people verify who they are, we believe it will help prevent abuse."

The announcement comes shorty after Facebook confirmed it has removed more than 800 pages and accounts that posted sensationalist political content that broke its rules.

The company took action ahead of the mid-term elections in America, saying the pages and accounts violate its spam rules.

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