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Vodafone completes landmark Christmas delivery

Vodafone has completed the first-ever UK drone delivery over a 4G mobile network.

Drones are traditionally flown using a radio link, but in this instance, Vodafone was able to complete the delivery of some Christmas goodies to volunteers at the Portland Bill Coast Watch in Dorset due to the strength of its 4G network.

Scott Petty, the chief technology officer of Vodafone UK, said: "Technology plays an increasingly important role in connecting people over Christmas. Flying a drone over 4G for the first time gives us a glimpse of what Christmas deliveries of the future might look like."

Vodafone's 4G network covers 99 per cent of the UK population.

And thanks to the company's best-ever 4G network, Vodafone was able to deliver mince pies, chocolate and gingerbread men to the hardworking volunteers.

Reflecting on the Christmas-themed delivery, Petty explained: "We have been working hard to build a network that now covers 99 per cent of the UK population, and I'm really pleased we've been able to use it to support our rural communities this festive season."

Vodafone said that flying drones over 4G or 5G could enable vital deliveries to remote locations in the future.

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