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Most shoppers 'do not trust social media influencers'

A new survey has suggested that a majority of shoppers do not trust social media influencers.

According to a poll conducted by BBC Radio 4, 82 percent of people feel it is not always clear when an influencer had been paid to endorse a product.

What's more, the poll found that 54 percent of 18-to-34-year-old beauty buyers were influenced by their suggestions.

Reflecting on the results of the survey, Alastair Lockhart from Savvy Marketing said: "The shoppers of the UK are a knowledgeable lot and tend to be pretty wise when deciding how much to trust an influencer's recommendations.

"However, we can see from the research that it's not always clear and a lot of younger people in particular are influenced by their suggestions."

L'Oreal group, the world's largest cosmetics company, is embracing influencers as part of its marketing strategy, according to Lubomira Rochet, the group's director of innovation.

She explained: "Sometimes we consider influencers as our extended marketing teams. They are so creative.

"The return on investment is obviously a bigger concern, especially when you spend 42 percent of your marketing budget in digital, so we are monitoring the whole area of all our initiatives and influencers are pretty positive."

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