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Police data reveals cost of UK cyber crime

New data has revealed that more than £190,000 a day is lost in the by victims of cyber crime in the UK.

Police statistics confirm that more than one-third of the cyber-crime victims were hacked via social media and their email accounts, with the City of London Police warning people to ensure that their online passwords are safe and secure.

According to Commander Karen Baxter, cyber criminals were targeting social media accounts "in a bid to make money and steal personal details".

Commander Baxter urged UK residents to "keep a strong, separate password for their email accounts".

She told the BBC: "Always be suspicious of unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information and never call numbers or follow links provided in unsolicited texts or emails."

In October, meanwhile, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) revealed it had blocked Britain falling victim to almost 1,200 attacks over a two-year spell.

The organization said it was beating around 10 attacks every week, revealing that the majority of the attacks were carried out by state-sponsored hackers.

Ciaran Martin, the head of the NCSC, explained: "We are calling out unacceptable behavior by hostile states and giving our businesses the specific information they need to defend themselves."

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