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Scientists say smartphone radiation isn't harmful

Scientists say smartphone radiation is not causing health issues.

Although many believe the radiofrequency (RF) radiation used in communication networks could be harmful, the evidence shows this isn't the case.

According to Mark Elwood - an epidemiologist at the University of Auckland and first author of a new piece in the New Zealand Medical Journal - scientists have demonstrated for decades that the major biological effect looks to be heating of human tissue, but not causing damage to DNA.

Elwood explained: "Many of the studies showing a potential detrimental health effect are of low quality, but get published because they are interesting.

"The word 'potential' is important. Most of the studies investigate some physiological or molecular change which could possibly be related to a health effect, but usually direct evidence of a health detriment is lacking."

Meanwhile, earlier this month Sarah Loughran - a researcher at the University of Wollongong - suggested that "campaigning" during the roll-out for 5G could do "more harm than good".

She added: "Anti-5G sentiment and campaigning might be well-intentioned, without the scientific evidence to back these sentiments, it's likely doing more harm than good."

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