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Google channels dating apps for new search feature

Google is channeling dating apps with its latest search engine update.

The tech giant is continuing to find fresh ways to revamp its long running platform - which first launched 22 years ago - and its latest change lets mobile users find TV shows and movies to watch by swiping left and right in a similar way to online matchmaking services like Tinder.

With the new feature, you'll be able to ask the search engine to find "good shows for me", before getting the option to flick through a range of titles with the chance to outline whether they were right for you.

Further information - including a description and reviews - will be available as users can decide if they like the look of each choice.

If you find a film of show you like, you'll then be able to watch it through a streaming platform you're already subscribed to, including the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The thinking behind the new update is to help improve Google Search's algorithm so that it can provide more accurate results next time a user asks for help finding a programme or movie.

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