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Samsung offers Galaxy Fold customers one time only screen replacement

Samsung will let Galaxy Fold owners replace their screens once for $149.

The device is set to once again go on sale in the US this week for $1,980 with the company looking to avoid any more drama during the relaunch.

As reported by The Verge, Samsung is giving users plenty of warnings when it comes to caring for the expensive model - and it has also confirmed the one time offer.

Customers will have to make an appointment to collect their phone rather than having it shipped directly, which will give them a chance to get hands-on with expert advice.

It was previously revealed the South Korean hardware firm has fixed the majority of the issues faced by reviewers after the initial launch earlier this year.

Among the problems, most - including screens that continually flickered and hinge bulges - were caused by users peeling off a protective film on the screen that looked removable, but should not have been removed.

Bloomberg's sources say Samsung have now stretched the protective film across the entire screen and into "the outer bezels so it would be impossible to peel off by hand".

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics CEO DJ Koh recently admitted the botched Galaxy Fold rollout was "embarrassing" and said he had "pushed it through before it was ready."

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