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Scientists develop robot that can 'sweat'

Scientists have developed a robot which can "sweat".

A team from Cornell University have developed a new robot, which is of a finger-like shape, and it can rid itself of cooling liquid when it senses it is starting to overheat.

Thomas J Wallin from Facebook reality lab, said: "Additionally these components are conventionally made from rigid materials that are incompatible with fully soft robots. So to realise the numerous advantages of soft robots, we wanted to explore a thermo regulatory strategy that was compatible with soft polymeric materials."

This new cooling system could replace the traditional fans and radiators which are currently used to help remove any excessive heat.

The finger robots work by having a top layer which contains micropores, an a bottom layer with a channel that allows the water to flow through.

When the temperature is below 86 degrees Fahrenheit, the pores stay closed but when the temperature goes above this, the pores open and the fluid comes through.

They wrote for the Science Robotics journal: "In both biological and engineered systems, functioning at peak power output for prolonged periods of time requires thermoregulation. We report a soft hydrogel-based actuator that can maintain stable body temperatures via autonomic perspiration."

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