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Google clarifies Huawei stance

Google clarifies its stance on using its apps on Huawei devices.

The tech giant has shared an updated with users to explain why you shouldn't "preload or sideload" its services on devices made by the Chinese manufacturer.

In a post from Android & Play Legal Director Tristan Ostrowski, he wrote: "Due to government restrictions, Google's apps and services are not available for preload or sideload on new Huawei devices.

"To protect user data privacy, security, and safeguard the overall experience, the Google Play Store, Google Play Protect, and Google's core apps (including Gmail, YouTube, Maps, and others) are only available on Play Protect certified devices.

"Play Protect certified devices go through a rigorous security review and compatibility testing process, performed by Google, to ensure user data and app information are kept safe. They also come from the factory with our Google Play Protect software, which provides protection against the device being compromised.

"This has been our long-standing approach to user security and privacy and is applied consistently across all device manufacturers."

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