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Amazon's Ring Video Doorbell 3 product page leak

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 includes a "pre-roll' feature.

A leaked sneak peak of the product page for the upcomign device has revealed some upgrades from its predecessor, with the Plus model reportedly set to capture four seconds of black and white video before a motion alert.

According to Zatz Not Funny, the product page described the feature as "first-to-market feature for battery-powered doorbells and unique exclusively to Ring".

While it's true that no battery-powered model has the "foresight" feature, it is still include on other video doorbells.

The design of the upcoming device isn't too different to the Video Doorbell 2, although the report notes the faceplate will be easier to remove, as well as faster WiFi and a "near" motion sensor aimed with reducing false motion alerts.

The leaked product page comes after Ring - owned by Amazon - introduced additional steps to the way users log in, and they will now need to enter a password and unique six-digit code when they first log in to access the Neigbors app or view their footage.

The new log-in sees users sign in with a username and password before the app sends either a text message or email with a one-time code.

Once this is entered, the owner can access the app and view footage from the outdoor and indoor cameras.

The user will be able to use the mobile apps for 30 days before being required to go through the process again - unless they log out of their account in the meantime.

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