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Hyundai unveil new Prophecy electric car

Hyundai have unveiled their new Prophecy electric car.

The car giant has a "voluptuous side section", which has been described as a "perfectly weathered stone".

Describing the design, they wrote: "It is cut by a clean and simple One Curve streamline which extends from front to rear with minimalist restraint. This underlines the timelessness of its design. The dynamic and elegant boat-tail line created by the rear quarter panels appear to propel the form forward even when it is standing still."

However, what sets it apart the most from other vehicles is its autonomous driving technology, complete with a joystick instead of a conventional steering wheel.

They added: "Instead of a steering wheel, joysticks provide a completely new yet reassuringly familiar and intuitive driving experience. By offering two joysticks that can pivot left and right, one in the centre console and another on the door trim, drivers are able to control the vehicle from a position of comfort. Furthermore, drivers have access to a wide variety of functions, which can be selected via the joysticks' integrated buttons. Ultimately, this human-machine interface enhances passenger safety."

Whilst SangYup Lee, Head of Hyundai Global Design Centre, shared: "We have brought to life yet another icon that establishes a new standard for the EV segment as well as pushing Hyundai's design vision to even broader horizons. A part of that expansion is what we call Optimistic Futurism, a design concept embodied by 'Prophecy'. With Optimistic Futurism, our aim is to forge an emotional connection between humans and automobiles."

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