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Imogen Heap: AI can push musicians to the next level

Imogen Heap believes AI can "push" musicians to "the next level" of their "creativity".

The 'Hide & Seek' hitmaker had been working in the studio experimenting on a song for the 'AI Eurovision' with UK entrant Tom Collins - which didn't get used in the end - using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the singer/songwriter was blown away by how it made her come up with ideas that she would never have imagined ever before.

Speaking to the BBC, Imogen - who wrote the music for the West End show 'Harry Potter and the Cursed Child' - said: "I love it, I love the challenge of, this is gonna be different.

"It has generated a song that I would never have written because it's taken me into patterns that I normally hadn't done, so I've had to go, 'Well how would I have done that? And how would I transition from this to this.'

"It's doing what I'd hoped it would do, which is what I believe AI will do for me and will do for musicians, which is to push us to the next level of our own creativity."

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