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Bill Gates says his foundation is focused on fighting coronavirus

Bill Gates says his foundation is now putting its total focus on battling coronavirus.

The Microsoft founder has announced that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - which has worked to stop the spread of malaria, HIV and tuberculosis - is now turning its attention to the pandemic.

Gates told the Financial Times newspaper: "We've taken an organization that was focused on HIV and malaria and polio eradication, and almost entirely shifted it to work on this.

"This has the foundation's total attention. Even our non-health related work, like higher education and K-12 [schools], is completely switched around to look at how you facilitate online learning."

However, a statement from the foundation has insisted it's still working on its core areas, which including fighting disease and eliminating extreme poverty.

The statement read: "While we've announced more than $250 million in funding to date and a commitment to leverage our Strategic Investment Fund toward the pandemic, we are increasingly focusing the expertise of our staff and leveraging our partnerships toward the urgent efforts needed to end this pandemic.

"These are unprecedented times, but our belief that all lives have equal value and our commitment to addressing inequities across all of our work remains more critical than ever."

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