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Apple rumored to be working on 5G AR glasses

Apple is rumored to be working a pair of 5G AR glasses.

The tech giant has been believed to have been working an an Augmented Reality headset for some time, but now top tech analyst Jon Prosser has told Gadget Cast that the 'Apple Glasses' will come with 5G.

By having 5G, the set would be able to work without being connected to a nearby iPhone.

What's more, the glasses will be designed to look like an ordinary pair of spectacles instead of the hefty AR headsets already on the market.

Prosser also suggested that Tim Cook's firm could make an announcement regarding the top-secret product at June's virtual WWDC event.

Last September, Game developer Steve Troughton-Smith claimed to have found AR mentioned in the code for the iOS 13 update.

He noted that the code included "StarBoard frameworks", which works with AR apps.

He tweeted: "StarBoard frameworks on iOS 13 now. "StarBoard is Apple's system shell for stereo augmented reality apps (headset). Guess secrecy is out?"

He also suggested that StarBoard appeared to work like Apple's CarPlay app.

He added: "From the StarBoardServices framework. StarBoard seems to attach a UIScene to the OS much like CarPlay or an external display might. Very curious to see whether the headset or the iPhone runs the StarBoard shell itself, but seems very much like the iPhone does the rendering."

Steve's findings came after top analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggested that Apple may start making the product in the fourth quarter of 2019.

He told 9to5 Mac that their AR device - which has long been rumored since 2017 - would be "heavily dependent on the iPhone".

He explained that "AR glasses will essentially act as a display only with the actual computing, rendering, Internet connectivity and location services coming from the iPhone in the user's pocket."

He also claimed it could be wirelessly paired via the Apple Watch, making it lighter wearing than rivals Microsoft HoloLens and Oculus Rift, which work through connecting to a smartphone.

There is no official word from Apple's camp yet on what there plans are for an AR device.

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