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Instagram update let's users control comments, tags and more

Instagram now let's users control comments, tags and mentions.

In a bid to fight online bullying, the Facebook-owned social media app is giving people the chance to manage who interacts with their posts.

In the new update, which is live now, users can head to Manage Comments and choose up to 25 comments to delete at once.

Whilst there is also the option to block and restrict more accounts by using the More tab, and you can decide who is allowed to tag or mention you.

The options are "Everyone", "Only People You Follow" and "No One".

A spokesperson for Instagram said: "We've seen that tags and mentions can be used to target or bully others.

"So we're rolling out new controls that allow you to manage who can tag or mention you on Instagram.

"You can choose whether you want everyone, only people you follow or no one to be able to tag or mention you in a comment, caption or Story."

What's more, Instagram also has another function, which enables you to "pin" comments being tested.

They explained: "Soon, we'll begin testing Pinned Comments.

"This feature gives people a way to set the tone for their account and engage with their community by pinning a select number of comments to the top of their comments thread."

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