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Facebook: Mistakes will be made with AI detecting misleading Covid-19 content

Mark Zuckerberg admits Facebook is bound to "make more mistakes" whilst AI is replacing human reviews of coronavirus pandemic-related content.

Due to lockdown restrictions, the social media network has been using Artificial Intelligence to detect misleading posts about the respiratory virus on the site, and the firm's CEO has admitted it's making it harder to stop the spread of potentially harmful information.

Speaking during a recent call, Zuckerberg opened up on the challenges they face.

He said: "Our effectiveness has certainly been impacted by having less human review during COVID-19.

"We do unfortunately expect to make more mistakes until we're able to ramp everything back up."

Whilst Facebook's Chief Technology Officer, Mike Schroepfer, agreed: "These problems are fundamentally human problems about life and communication.

"So we want humans in control and making the final decisions, especially when the problems are nuanced."

AI has been used by Facebook alongside human moderators to help out as the site has almost 2.6 billion monthly active users.

Last month, Facebook attached warning labels to around 50 million posts about Covid-19.

But they admitted: "These are difficult challenges, and our tools are far from perfect.

"Furthermore, the adversarial nature of these challenges means the work will never be done."

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