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Huawei's UK chief issues financial warning

Huawei's UK chief has cautioned that ditching the Chinese firm could cost the economy billions.

Victor Zhang has warned there will be significant consequences for the UK if the country decides against using Huawei, with the National Security Centre set to investigate the company's tech.

Zhang told the BBC: "More suppliers means greater competition, innovation and network reliability, and crucially ensures consumers have access to the best possible technology.

"Removing Huawei would seriously delay 5G, costing the British economy up to £7 billion."

Meanwhile, Matthew Howett from Assembly explained that even if a ban on the company was restricted to newer technology, networks would still need to replace their older infrastructure.

He said: "It's not only a very expensive process for the operators, but it's going to be a time-consuming one as well because they need to get access to all those sites to make the changes.

"And Huawei has been very innovative at coming up with the smallest and lightest 5G equipment, meaning the operators can sometimes just use a cherry picker to hook it onto existing mast infrastructure. Some of the others' is heavier and bulkier, which can require more in terms of getting planning consent and road closures."

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