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Americans' travel habits will change after the coronavirus pandemic

Americans' travel habits will change after the coronavirus pandemic.

A new survey - as part of Inmarsat Aviation’s Passenger Confidence Tracker - has revealed that 90 per cent of Americans who fly will not travel the same way they did before the current health crisis, with over two fifths (43 per cent) said they plan to travel less often by any means whilst another 36 per cent of people also admitted to be planning on flying less when borders open up again.

Nearly two thirds (60 per cent) of passengers in the United States admitted they would feel confident about flying in the next six months, whilst this drops to 47 per cent across the world.

Inmarsat President Philip Balaam said: "Our 'Passenger Confidence Tracker' reveals a fascinating global shift in travel behaviour, which could see air travel reshaped entirely. Interestingly, the survey finds that people in the United States are among the most confident to get on a plane in the short term – and yet almost unanimously, they foresee a long-term shift in their travel habits as a result of the pandemic."

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