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Millennials are 'curious' on holiday

Millennials want to be "curious" on their holidays.

Young people are keen to do more unusual things when they head abroad and will travel off the beaten track to explore new and exciting things.

Jacob Marek, an ASTA member and founder of IntroverTravels, shared: "I find that millennials are curious travellers and seek experiences beyond traditional tours and activities. There has been a shift in recent years from seeing millennials as low-spending backpackers and spring breakers into more serious international travellers."

And the study also found that people are more interested in creating memories with loved ones than on the specific destination they opt for.

Zane Kerby, president and CEO of the American Society of Travel Agents, said: "We wanted to get a real, third-party, outside look at what consumers are thinking and feeling. I think Wayne Gretsky said it best: You have to chase where the puck is going to be, not where the puck is now.

"It matters who you go with, even more than where you're going. That kind of surprised me, but the study shows that one of the primary reasons for people to travel is to spend time with loved ones and to create memories, not the destination itself."

Whilst Jack S. Ezon, president of Ovation Vacations and member of the Travel & Leisure Official Travel Advisory Board, added: "In general, millennials see vacation as an entitlement and a necessity. It is a way of life and part of life. Gen Xers and baby boomers generally see it as a treat, and in fact, many are embarrassed to take all of their vacation days lest they be looked down upon by their superiors and colleagues."

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