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Burgers are the order of the day in America

The United States of America - the land of the free and the food! Wherever you visit across this wonderful and diverse country, food is at its heart.

From wings to hot dogs to sandwiches, there is something for everyone but the Absolutely Ridiculous Burger is really something else!

Mallie's Sports Grill & Bar, a bar in Southgate, Michigan, offers the world's largest commercially sold hamburger.

It weighs a huge 338.6 pounds, which includes no less than 15 pounds of lettuce, 30 pounds of bacon, 30 pounds of tomatoes and 36 pounds of cheese.

The burger - which needs to be ordered 72 hours in advance - takes three people to flip it over and takes 100 pounds of grease to make. It takes an impressive 22 hours to make.

And if you're heading to Las Vegas and after something a little smaller, head to the aptly-named Heart Attack Grill, where you can opt for a Quadruple Bypass Burger that has no less than four beef patties and 20 slices of bacon.

In Pennsylvania, Denny's Beer Barrel Pup offers the 15 pound hamburger called 'The Belly Buster' whilst Diggers Diner in Colorado has an impressive five pound burger - named the 'State Champion Burger' - which is served with 12 ounces of french fries. Finish it in an hour and you don't have to pay for it, plus you get your picture up on the Wall of Fame.

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