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Mike Tyson blasts 'boring' modern boxers

Mike Tyson blasts 'boring' modern boxers

Mike Tyson has hit out at the "boring" current generation of boxers.

The former heavyweight world champion thinks that many leading fighters lack the star power that he obtained during his career in the ring and are unable to draw in big audiences.

Tyson - who is making a return to the ring to take on YouTuber Jake Paul in July - told tennis star Nick Kyrgios on his 'GOOD TROUBLE' programme: "[There's] more to [it than] being the best. You have to be entertaining. You have to be exciting. They could beat anybody in the world, but they can't draw 5,000 tickets. You know, that's because they're not exciting. The way they make their money, because their opponents are very, like fame. Got a big following.

"But there's people, I'm sure they’re a talented guy that could beat anybody, but they look like s***. Like watching grass grow, you know."

Tyson emphasised his point by suggesting that top boxer Terence Crawford was unable to command a big crowd against Errol Spence Jr. last year.

He said: "These guys are fighting now, they're not making money. Time changes and they just not making.... Look, Terence Crawford in the box, he's fighting Errol Spence Jr., he's the best fighter in the world but he can't draw 5,000 people."

Meanwhile, it was announced last week that Tyson's scrap with Paul will be deemed as a professional fight and the results will count towards both of their records.

The bout will have specific conditions, however, including that it can only consist of eight two-minute rounds while 14oz gloves must be worn by both competitors.

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