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Mont St. Michel is must visit

Mont St. Michel, nestled off the coast of Normandy, France, is to be seen to be believed.

This island used to form part of the mainland but as sea levels rose and erosion set in, the coastal landscape developed to be as it is now, a stunning abbey isolated from the mainland by the surrounding waters. On the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites, this iconic landmark is visited by more than 3 million people every year.

Nicknamed 'St. Michael in peril of the sea' by pilgrims in the medieval times, the tides around Mont St. Michel can vary by 46 foot depending on the time of day and season. A bridge has been built to allow easy access to the mount but some still - and not to be recommended! - attempt to walk across the sands at low tide.

During your visit to this unique location, the Benedictine abbey is a must see! On your way up to the top, work your way through the winding village streets, complete with museums, restaurants and shops. The wondrous way the abbey clings to the rocks is to be seen to be believed. Also take note of the stunning Gothic pinnacles and the statue of Saint Michael, which casts it eye over the whole mount and its surrounding areas.

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