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Millennials' Instagram obsession

Millennials say getting the perfect Instagram shot is more important than having a drink whilst on holiday.

Young people are so social media obsessed that they rate taking the best photo for their profile above sipping on their favourite alcoholic beverage whilst abroad, and they also post at least once a day whilst on their travels too.

A poll of 2000 British holidaymakers revealed that 78 per cent of those aged 25 to 34 aim to get the postcard perfect Instagram shot, making all their friends envious, whilst just nine per cent make it their top priority to get really drunk when on holiday. For those aged 18 to 24, there is less of a focus on getting the perfect Instagram shot, with 63 per cent of respondents admitting their main goal is to snap that perfect photo.

World Travel Market London spokesperson Paul Nelson said: "It would appear that millennials, 'Generation Sensible' or 'sober socialites' - whatever you want to call them - are more health-conscious and mindful of their image when on holiday, and eager to share their photographs instead of handling a hangover. The travel industry is tapping into this trend because Instagram has an estimated one billion users, so it's a very influential platform."

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