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Millennials shunning travel packages

Millennials prefer to book individual aspects of travel than as a package.

A study by Yougov has found that 18 to 34 year olds are tending to book things individually - such as accommodation, flights etc. - rather than everything under one package price. The Millennials as Digital Travellers study has seen a 3 per cent increase in booking accommodation via, from 25 to 28 per cent, and a four per cent increase from 15 to 19 per cent for popular holiday rental site Airbnb. However, tour operators like TUI have seen their score falling from 22 per cent to 19 per cent in two years.

And the internet has become increasingly important for holidaymakers to get real reviews on their destinations or hotels, with nearly two out of five millennials (39 per cent) looking to reviews compared to 29 per cent for those aged over 35.

And unsurprisingly, millennials are worried about their spending on travel and are more cautious about how much they spend. Low cost is a contributory factor, with 27 per cent of millennials taking it into account, whilst this figure is just at 18 per cent for those over 34.

Yougov consultant Sven Runge said: "Traditional providers should continually monitor the travel behaviour and needs of Generation Y, in order not to completely lose them as customers to suppliers of individual products."

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