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People like spending money on experiences

People prefer to spend money on experiences rather than things.

It has been revealed that we would rather splash the cash on experiences than just keep buying ourselves clothes, shoes or other items.

Thomas Gilovich, Ph.D., professor of psychology at Cornell University and co-author a new study on gratitude, said: "You might say, 'This new couch is cool,' but you're less likely to say 'I'm so grateful for that set of shelves.' But when you come home from a vacation, you are likely to say, 'I feel so blessed I got to go.' People say positive things ab­­­­out the stuff they bought, but they don't usually express gratitude for it - or they don't express it as often as they do for their experiences."

And writing in the journal Emotion, the study's authors insist that we are more "inspired" to talk about our gratitude.

They added: "People tend to be more inspired to comment on their feelings of gratitude when they reflect on the trips they took, the venues they visited, or the meals they ate than when they reflect on the gadgets, furniture, or clothes they bought. All one needs to do is spend a little less on material goods and a little more on experiences. In addition to enhancing gratitude, experiential consumption may also increase the likelihood that people will cooperate and show kindness to each other."

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