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Andy Ruiz Jr. feels 'amazing' ahead of boxing return

Andy Ruiz Jr. feels "amazing" after shedding weight for his boxing comeback.

The former heavyweight world champion is set to return to the ring next month against Chris Arreola and feels that he is in far better condition than when he lost his rematch with Anthony Joshua back in 2019 - which came just six months after he stunned the Brit to claim the belts.

Ruiz Jr. said: "You know what? I’ve always been overweight. And now that I’ve been dropping weight normally and in the right way – by eating right, not just wearing the sauna suit, starving yourself – because that’s what I used to do back in the day. But now that we’re eating the right things, we’re working on the right things, I feel amazing, man. I can say this – I feel amazing."

The fighter believes that the "sky is the limit" for his career as he now has more dedication to boxing.

He said: "I had t*** that wouldn’t let me throw the right punches and all that. But, you know, now I’m more motivated, I’m more dedicated in this sport and, you know, sky’s the limit."

Ruiz Jr. previously explained how he had felt "depressed" after losing the rematch with Joshua as he felt he hadn't prepared correctly for the fight.

The American fighter said: "After my fight against Anthony Joshua and my defeat in Saudi Arabia, I gained like 310 pounds. I was depressed. I was mad at myself because I knew I should have trained. I knew I should have done better in my last fight. But you know what, it's never too late. Now is the time. Now is the beginning to see the real and new Andy Ruiz Jr."

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