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George Foreman found Mayweather v Paul 'exciting'

George Foreman was left "excited" by Floyd Mayweather's fight against Logan Paul.

The boxing legend confessed that he has enjoyed the recent spate of exhibition fights as they have more "entertainment value" than those between professionals.

Foreman told USA Today: "The strangest thing is I’m starting to enjoy these exhibitions a lot more than the so-called competitive fights they put on because there’s no entertainment value to those. These have entertainment value."

The former world champion admits that he was impressed by Paul's performance in the ring even though he had fought only once previously.

Foreman said: "Mayweather turned into the slugger, following the guy around. And (Paul) is as long as Wilt Chamberlain with that jab. It was exciting.

"There’s something really entertaining about this kid, and I don’t know where it’s going from there. But I was excited. And look, I’m an Olympic gold medalist, two-time heavyweight champion of the world and I didn’t miss a second of it. I was afraid to get up and walk away from it for a minute.

"It was an exciting night for me. And I didn’t expect that. Believe me. Some guys would say, ‘I’m turning this off now.’ I would not leave the television because at any second I thought Mayweather might take him out, then the kid starts jumping around using his jab and dominating. He didn’t have the experience Mayweather had, but he dominated with his size."

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