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Tyrone Mings: England must be streetwise at Euros

Tyrone Mings has called on England to be streetwise at Euro 2020.

The Aston Villa defender could play as the Three Lions begin their tournament against Croatia on Sunday (13.06.21) and argues that the team should become "masters at the dark arts" as other nations have proved.

Mings said: "Being streetwise is a huge part of the game. You look at other nations and they are masters at the dark arts - staying on the floor for longer than needed, delaying restarts.

"Being streetwise is also sometimes what gets you over the edge because it winds up the opposition and breaks up their flow and their rhythm."

Mings caught an Austrian striker with a forearm during last week's friendly and admits that he too aggressive in his defending.

He said: "Football is very soft these days, you cannot get away with much.

"Like you say, if there had have been VAR, absolutely I would have given away a penalty.

"As a defender, I have done that many times in my career. When a cross is about to come in, block the striker. That is not against the rules. But that one [on Kalajdzic] there was probably too aggressive."

Mings could play in the opener due to an injury to Harry Maguire and the defender is prepared for anything that happens.

He said: "[The spotlight is] not on me. It's on Harry and whether or not he will play.

"If he is not fit and somebody else plays, we will take that as it comes on the day and prepare accordingly.

"But I don't feel there is more of a spotlight on me because I don't know if I would play even if he were not fit. I am just in the shadows trying to help prepare as much as possible."

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