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Dana White claims that Jake Paul cancelled fight due to lack of ticket sales

Dana White has claimed that Jake Paul cancelled his fight with Hasim Rahman Jr. due to a lack of ticket sales.

The UFC president has been a vocal critic of the YouTuber's boxing venture and believes he axed the bout at Madison Square Garden due to a lack of public interest.

Speaking at UFC 277 in Texas, White said: “I think they sold under $1 million in tickets, and it costs $500,000 to turn the f****** lights on at MSG. That’s what I think.

"Not to mention: Hotel rooms in New York and transportation and everything else is very expensive."

The UFC chief didn't gloat about Paul's failed fight but did suggest that the social media star should get some new advisers for the sake of his career.

White said: “I’m not going to sit up here and be happy or gloat that their fight fell out. Both those guys, I’m sure, put in a lot of hard work and a lot of training to get ready for this fight, spent money to get ready for this fight.

“I think that Jake Paul probably needs to get some different people around him. If he’s going to stay in the sport, he needs to be with guys that really know how to put on fights.”

White previously suggested that the press were losing interest in Paul's career as the YouTuber hadn't tested himself against a serious opponent.

He said: "The media isn’t really following him as much as they did in the beginning.

"The schtick is getting old. I think for him to get the media back, he’s gonna have to fight somebody. They’re tired of the schtick. 'Hey, it’s me, I weigh 190, and I want to fight these guys that weigh 170, 155, and they’re wrestling, and they’re 40 f****** years old, and they haven’t won a fight in three f******years.’"

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